Chiller Plant Simulator

The simulator mimics the operation of a real time chiller plant with chillers, cooling towers and condenser water pumps.  The programmable logic controller can be programmed to match  most chiller plant configurations, and design conditions.

There are multiple chillers, cooling towers and condenser water pumps.  Each piece of equipment can be configured independently of each other.  For instance one can have a 500 ton chiller with a 600 ton cooling tower.

The actual system cooling load is adjusted on the fly using the left dial shown on the middle panel under the top display.  The outside wet bulb condition is also adjustable with the second dial to the right of the load dial.

Just below the two dials there are 6 toggle switches.  Each chiller can be turned on / off independently as desired.  Each combination CW pump / cooling tower can be turned on / off independently.

This tool provides several important functions.

  1. Chiller Plant Optimizer(TM) program development.
  2. Off site configuration of the CPO for a specific plant configuration.
  3. Resolving any potential installation difficulties off site without interfering plant operations.




Optimizing chiller plant to improve efficiency and reduce energy.