Energy Technology Engineering

Energy Technology Engineering

Provides mechanical engineering consulting services to industrial and commercial clients supporting central plant operations while using energy efficient technologies to support the design and installation of mechanical systems:

  • Capacity and utilization analysis for a large chiller operation with a steam driven centrifugal chiller, electric chiller, absorption chillers and ice storage
  • Optimized large and complicated chilled water distribution system
  • Optimized chiller plant control
  • Developed new HVAC design criteria for the operation and improvement of high density computer data centers.
  • Developed and patented the Chiller Plant Optimizer TM by designing new innovative control technologies.
  • Built and programmed Chiller Plant Optimizer prototype by developing a chiller plant simulator
  • Trained engineers and owners on energy efficient systems with formal presentations
  • Provided plant construction and project management services for Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara plant
  • Significantly improved clean room environmental control for LSI Santa Clara facility by providing systems design and project management services
  • Provided sales support for laboratory ventilation systems, heat recovery systems and control valves
  • Provided engineering support for laboratory environmental controls, and introducing new systems to reduce or eliminate chemicals in building cooling systems

Historical Projects

Managing full service engineering design, and construction management to aerospace, and high tech industrial organizations:

  • Developed new clients and projects which included: $2.2MM UCSF (University of California San Francisco) Surgery Laboratory, and 1.4MM UCSF Neurology Laboratory,
  • Multiple equipment installations and laboratory design at SUMC (Stanford University Medical Center)
  • Designed systems for existing clients that included: $800M cooling tower/pumping systems for TAC (The Aerospace Corporation), $250M scrubber Installation for TRW
  • Directed fast track engineering design and supervision of construction contracts for select clients
  • Trained a large engineering team engineers from China and directed the design a large Wafer FAB which was later constructed in Wuxi, China
  • Designed the HVAC system for Northrop Clean Room and Laser Labs
  • Provided other facility designs including:¬† $1.3MM TRW Clean Room Expansion and $1.2MM Intel Bldg 2 – Clean Room
  • Provided a $700M High Purity Process Piping Project for Lockheed Space and Missiles Company

Chemical plant

  • Developed and installed the $662M fume incinerator project to save $238M annually, bringing it in under budget and ahead of schedule
  • Supervised the design and installation of a polyurethane process to manufacture a new product which was completed on time and under budget
  • ¬†Planned and installed a Dowtherm pumping system

Industrial Plant & Central Plant Operations

  • Managed maintenance operations of large mixing and milling equipment and systems for a major tire and rubber manufacturing facility
  • Managed Power and Utilities for a large industrial operation with high quality steam from high pressure boilers, high and low compressed air systems, industrial vacuum, large cooling systems, major drying operations, electrical transformer yard, large fuel storage systems, natural gas alternate energy supplies, and a rail yard



Optimizing chiller plant to improve efficiency and reduce energy.