CW Temperature Reset

Condenser Water Temperature Reset (CW Reset for short) is an optimization strategy for chillers that will improve the chiller’s efficiency by more than 50%.  For example your
chiller has a full load efficiency rating of 0.68 kW/Ton it is possible with part load operation to achieve an efficiency of 0.34 kW/Ton and even lower when this strategy is properly applied.

While the strategy is well known, it is difficult to implement on a continuous basis for many chiller plants.  The video will explain the process of implementation using the Chiller Plant Optimizer(TM).

Maximum savings are achieved with a method that follows the chiller operation curve in real time and continuously updates the condenser water temperature for the existing conditions.

Safe and reliable operation is an important requirement for any application method using this strategy.  While most chillers have adequate built in protection against catastrophic mis-application of control sequences it is best not to test the chiller in this regard.  Also reliable application is required to insure against an operation point that inadvertently wastes more energy than it saves or limits capacity to less than demand under any condition.


Optimizing chiller plant to improve efficiency and reduce energy.