William R. Henry, P.E.

Mr. Henry is a consulting mechanical engineer and inventor of the “Method to Optimize Chiller Plant Operation”. The “Method” is new and unique technology that provides for the application of proven control strategies, but avoids the pitfalls and short comings of previous methods that limited the usefulness of these strategies.

Mr. Henry has 30 plus years of experience with the design, installation, and operation of large commercial and industrial facilities.  A professional engineer, he is registered in the states of California and New York.

With his experience and knowledge of plant operations, Mr. Henry is acutely aware that owners and operators are eager to use energy saving technologies where assurance and reliability is certain. While payback is important, the savings generator must be highly reliable without creating user problems later on.

Mr. Henry’s “Method to Optimize Chiller Plant Operation” came about when he was asked to review a chiller plant retrofit for a major fortune 500 company.  A national contractor recommended by the plant’s energy service provider was employed to make the energy efficient retrofit. While an acceptable system was provided, nevertheless there was no attempt to use the latest known and proven optimizing strategies.

During the review Mr. Henry recognized that employing these proven strategies was beyond capabilities or most engineering and construction firms for a host of reasons.  He developed a method that was totally independent of specific manufacturer’s proprietary operating data.  The solution was a case of looking outside the box, and does not require the support or special proprietary operating information from the chiller manufacturer.

Since methods or processes can take considerable engineering skill to properly use, Mr. Henry developed a low cost packaged system that can be  configured off site prior to the installation by a competent HVAC contractor.


Optimizing chiller plant to improve efficiency and reduce energy.